VSU FCA Resources 

Please take some time and explore the new Resources by clicking the link above. The VSU FCA is proud to help students and athletes strengthen their relationships with God by providing resources for them to use and study.

Campus 101 

Want to know more about FCA and how you can have FCA at your school? Click the link above for all the information that you will ever need. VSU FCA is once again helping others begin something great on their campus!


Connect with millions of FCA members throughout our world by clicking the link above. This is FCA's newest social networking tool that is monitored by human eyes before any content is made public. FCA has partnered with Tangle (formally known as GodTube) to make this one of the fastest growing, most reliable and trustworthy social networking tool on the web. You will be glad your kids are safe and in good company!

Second Chance 

Everyone needs second chances! Because of the aweful depravity of man we all need a second chance in life. Watch lives that were empty, upside down, twisted, and marred by sin turned around for the glory of God through the Son, Jesus Christ! Click link above!


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